Robots taking over the world

March 19, 2013 | In: Technology

With each decade, robots perform more and more of our daily functions. Therefore, it is logical some might worry that in the near future these technological marvels will rule over us.

Here at our marketing agency we would like to share our thoughts on this.

Robots already perform numerous tasks; from work in the automobile production to defusing bombs. Children play with toy robots, while vacuum cleaner robots clean the carpets and at the same time entertain the cat. Currently, robots are pure commodities and we are clearly advancing in all of these areas. Some of the recent developments in robotics are absolutely amazing, but could these super intelligent machines actually turn hostile against us and take over the world?  Some concerned humans say that if robots ever take over, “it is our fault because we created them and motivated them to do so.” Surely, this would take several generations and immeasurable wealth to set this up so that sustainability, self-awareness, and replication are possible. Some consider the development of a human related artificial intelligence as inevitable and is expected to be implemented by 2070.

New technologies, such as computers, cars, and phones tend to expand in an uncontrolled way. At some point, technology could possibly evolve to a level where it can both physically and mentally out-pace humans. At that point, robots may succeed to take over if humans are unable to pull the power plug.

Before taking over the human race, robots would have to develop a consciousness beyond human programming.  This level of consciousness seems like a distant possibility, even with Watson and other advanced technology. We have just scratched the surface of the human brain and mind, and we can barely understand our own human consciousness, let alone program a robot to be able to be self-conscious. Robots may be complex, but the human mind is too complex. Robots are tough (think metal), but humans are resilient in their hearts and souls and always will be.

It is more likely that humans will wipe each other out before creating a technology that will decide to do so. If we should make it so far as to develop advanced robots, hopefully, they will have a natural tendency to support human life rather than take over.

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