15 Things I wish I knew in my 20s

March 24, 2013 | In: Education, Social

Let’s face it, as teenagers we think that our identities will be set in stone by the time we are 20. Clearly, this doesn’t happen, but that’s the beauty of it. Twenties is a decade purely devoted to the molding of oneself into a better person. As a youth marketing company we took it upon ourselves to investigate what the young folks really figure out in their twenties. Here are some of the difficult things people learn (most of the time) in their twenties.


1.  Your happiness is not contingent upon your career, wealth, and looks, where you live, or whom you’re dating. Happiness comes from within you. Oh, and seeing a therapist is nothing to be ashamed of. Most of us need one.

2. Once you realize that your life journey is also the destination, you gain a different perspective on life. In other words, there is no “there” to get to because we are already there.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others and don’t envy them. There are always going to be people who are smarter, prettier, nicer, and just all around “better” than you.  Realize that you are on your own path which no one else can walk on. There is no need to compete with others.

4. Don’t blame other people for your problems. You alone are in control of your life.

5. Your metabolism will slow down, it’s true.  Also, eating healthy and exercising will pay off.

6. Take advantage of the time when you can still party all night without being tired. In a few years, your body won’t appreciate it anymore.

7. Pay your bills on time because dealing with credit card companies is no fun. Don’t go down the road of financial ruin because it takes a long time to find your way back.

8. It’s ok to quit a lousy job, a miserable relationship, or a phony friendship. They can suck the soul out of you.

9. Protect your skin. Tanning is overrated. Wear sun block every day, especially if you’re fair. UV radiation is responsible for 80% of wrinkles.

10. It’s important to figure out in your twenties what you want to do because the rest of your life will go in the direction you choose.

11.  Think for yourself.  Learn to break the spell of peer and social pressure and learn to be an individual in your own rights with your own talents.

12. Time goes by more quickly all of a sudden.  Don’t waste it on meaningless stuff. Realize that you may live out the same exact day for the next forty years, so come up with something great.

13. Most creative people seem to reach their artistic peaks in their twenties and thirties which means, now is the time to get amazingly good at something that everyone will know you for.

14. Don’t marry anyone unless he or she totally blows your mind. Don’t settle for just “ok.”

15. Success indeed comes from hard work. You have to work hard on everything, career, marriage, friendship, parenting, and life in general.



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